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Carbon Copy Communications was founded in 2006 by Mike Scott, a writer specialising in environment and business issues for corporate clients, newspapers, magazines and think tanks.

We cover the entire spectrum of green issues, from the far reaches of nanotechnology to corporate sustainability.

Mike has 30 years experience as a journalist, including nine years at the Financial Times and stints working at the London 2012 Olympic Games and the 2015 European Games in Azerbaijan. In 2006, he became a freelance writer for national newspapers, magazines and the business world.


Mike recently won the Contribution to Climate Change Journalism award at the 2021 Sustainability Media Awards.


He writes authoritatively and entertainingly on the scientific, social, economic, political and business/investment issues around environmental subjects including;


              Climate Change

              Clean Technology

              Carbon Markets


              ESG Investing



To see recent examples of his work, click on the relevant button at the top of the page.

Carbon Copy Communications also works with a number of other experienced specialist writers who have been published in national newspapers and across the media,, and so we are able to provide services ranging from news articles to large-scale reports.


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